Cocina Criolla

Healthy & Authentic Puerto Rican Inspired Cuisine

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Experience Puerto Rican food at its finest! We offer

a delicious and diverse selection of authentic,

traditional dishes, along with our own original,

uniquely Puerto Rican Inspired fare.  

Traditional selections, such as mofongo and arroz con gandules, feature only the freshest meats, seafood, vegetables and grains prepared to perfection. 

Our unique dishes fuse the rich flavors and ingredients of Comida Criolla with other Latin cuisines such as Cuban and Dominican.

Low in saturated fats and sodium, our cuisine is made from scratch with only heart healthy oils, and no MSG. Cocina Criolla is a gluten-free kitchen  and offers many  lactose-free options as well.
Whether you are culinary curious or craving food from home or your vacation to the island, be assured this will be Puerto Rican Inspired cuisine at it’s finest!

​Chef Nicolle

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