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Cocina Criolla

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Tapas/Small Plates (Minimum Order One Dozen)

Mofongo Plantain mash with organic chicken stock, fresh garlic, tocino/crisp center- cut bacon.

Toppings include:
•Camarones/Shrimp in Salsa Criolla
•Ropa Vieja/Shredded Beef
•Pollo Guisado/Stewed Chicken •
•Aguacate y Aji Dulce/Avocado & Sweet Peppers
(Vegetarian available upon request)

Empanadas or Empanadillas Baked to Crispy Perfection
•Sweet Potato Empanada (V)
•Empanadilla de Res/Beef Picadillo
•Empanadilla de Pollo Guisado/Stewed Chicken
(Order 5 days in advance)

Tostones Rellenos Twice-Fried Plantain Cups stuffed with your choice of:
•Camarones/Shrimp en Salsa Criolla
•Ropa Vieja/Shredded Beef
•Aguacate y Aji Dulce/Avocado & Sweet Pepper (V)
•Pollo Guisado/Stewed Chicken

Bruschetta de Ceviche Toasted breads topped with a tropical citrus-based shrimp ceviche,

avocado, tomate & queso fresco. (Gluten-Free and Vegetarian available)

Pasteles Traditional tamal-like dish, masa from guineos/green plantains, maduros/ ripe yellow
plantains and yucca filled with a variety of authentic braised beefs, pork, and chicken, then steamed in a banana leaf.  (Order 7 days in advance)

Bacon-Wrapped Plantains *House Favorite*
Ripe Maduro Plantains seared in coconut oil, layered in a goat cheese spread and then wrapped in

lean, center cut bacon. Bien Rico


Asopao Stew made with organic chicken, rice and gandules. Served with a side of tostones.

Puerto Rican Gumbo good any day, in any season.

Sancocho Hot stew made with beef, yucca, plantains, calabaza, other vegetables, spices & herbs.

Very nutritious, full of protein and vitamins. (Order 5 days in advance)


Tropical con Mango Crisp organic spinach tossed with fresh cubes of tangy mango & creamy

avocado in a fresh cilantro lime vinaigrette sprinkled with queso fresco.

Mixta con Garbanzos Puerto Rican & Mediterranean. Nice culinary blend in a salad of mixed

greens topped with garbanzo beans, Manzanillas/Spanish green olives, organic grape tomatos,

topped with Feta cheese and drizzled in delicious vinaigrette.

Ensalada de Cesar Romaine tossed in a light, olive oil-based Cesar dressing topped with

Reggianito, a nutty aged Argentine Parmesean.

Arroces/Rices & Habichuelas/Beans

Arroz con Gandules Rice, pigeon peas and pork, slow cooked in a cast-iron caldero with

traditional sazon. (Vegetarian available upon request)

Arroz con Pollo Organic chicken, rice and gandules, slow cooked in a cast-iron caldero,

generously seasoned with fresh made sofrito, cooked in annatto oil. Served with strips of sweet,

fire-roasted aji dulces and Manzanillas/Spanish Olives. *This is a perfect dish for any size get-together,

to please any crowd and a great, balanced meal for weekly delivery.

Arroz Blanco Low sodium, lightly seasoned with adobo and olive oil only.

Habichuelas/Beans Pink or Black  Beans simmered in a base of tomato sauce, freshly made

sofrito, and organic chicken broth. (Vegetarian available upon request)

Pescados y Mariscos/Seafood

Camarones/Shrimp *House Special* Nicolle’s House Salsa Criolla or Mojo Al

Ajillo/Traditional Garlic Sauce

Pescado Blanco Filet of Sole, Barramundi, Halibut (Market Prices Vary) or Bacalao/Cod

in choice of House Salsa Criolla or Mojo Al Ajillo/Traditional Garlic Sauce

Salmon Tropical Baked in tangy, spicy citrus glaze.

Paella Mixta Includes scallops, calamares and shrimp.


Pollo Entero/Whole Chicken Organic chicken, brined for 24 hours, marinated in a mojo

tradicional of orange and lime juice, garlic, onion and sazon. A definite favorite among customers

for weekly delivery or special get-togethers.

Pollo Guisado Stewed organic boneless, skinless, chicken thighs in a traditional sofrito, sazon

and Manzanillas/Spanish olives. (Breast meat available upon request)


Chuleta de Puerco/Pork Chop Lean filet marinated overnight in a traditional sazon with sofrito,

then seared in olive oil and finished by baking in a cast-iron caldero with maduro plantains

and Manzanillas/green Spanish olives. A family favorite, perfect with Habichuelas and Arroz Blanco.

Pernil *House Favorite* Our special recipe... Marinated, lean, slow roasted pulled pork. Made

with a savory and flavorful blend of sofrito and spices. Great dish for gathering of any size!

Carne de Res/Beef

Picadillo Grass fed, free-range ground sirloin hash sautéed with tomato, potato, aceituna,

alcapara, gandules and fresh cilantro.

Carne Guisado Beef cubes stewed to tender perfection in a cast-iron caldero with carrots, yucca,

gandules in sofrito and sazon.

Rabo Encendido *House Special*  Oxtails stewed in a savory broth made from tomato, vino tinto,

bay leaf, cumin, and a secret spice blend. Sure to be a favorite.

Ropa Vieja A Cuban-styled braised, shredded beef slaw slow cooked in a thick and savory smokey sauce.   A staple of Cuban Cuisine.

Carne Asada Thinly sliced, lean, skirt steak (Ranchera), marinated in citrus, garlic, onion, spices &

cilantro grilled to tender perfection. Perfect for outdoor functions!

Pastelon *House Favorite* A lasagne style dish, made the Puerto Rican way.  Ripe/Maduro plantains,

layered in between grass-fed, lean ground sirloin Picadillo style, topped lightly with mixed quesos frescos.   Enjoy it any time, day or night.   Un plato favorito! Que Rico

After-dinner drinks:

Puerto Rican Coffee 96oz.

16 oz. Bottles of flat water
16 oz. Bottles of assorted Flavored Sparkling Water


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